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about me

Hello! My name is Veronique Tường-Vân Le. I have a plethora of nicknames such as Vee, Veroni Macaroni, VQ, TV, Television, Veronica Lee, or my personal favorite: V-Ron. My middle name is my Vietnamese name. It means something like "clear sky" or "cloud" but the true meaning has always been a bit cloudy to me. Heh. However, my mom and her two older sisters are named Thanh Van, Bich Van, and Thu Van which means "blue sky", "purple sky" and "autumn sky", respectively. And I like the idea that we're all different parts of the same sky.


I was born to a big Vietnamese family in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was an only child with a lot of cousins nearby so you could say that I had the best of both worlds. But when I was alone, I would daydream and make little worlds and stories up in my mind. Reading and writing became my obsession at a young age (I would hide "Harry Potter" behind my math textbooks and wrote Harry Styles fan fiction way too young). Once I reached middle school, I was eager to audition for the school musical and did theatre throughout middle school and high school. It wasn't until my senior year that I actually thought about seriously pursuing acting. Because "Crazy Rich Asians" had come out the summer before, and I wrote my entire college application essay about it.

 After applying to schools thinking I was going to be staying in-state in majoring in business or science, I ended up getting accepted to my long-shot dream school: the Theatre School at DePaul University for their BFA Acting program. After much convincing of my parents, I was able to attend. And I can proudly say that I am a recent graduate of the BFA Acting Class of 2023

Coming out of these 4 years of schooling, I'm excited to continue to chase my dreams of living off of my art. I am passionate about exploring untold stories and I hope to bring more light to what it means to be Vietnamese in America. I want my future work to embody the love, heart, and nuance that draws me to storytelling every day. 

I am currently based in Chicago and am represented by Gray Talent Group (NYC/CHI/LA). When I'm not acting, you can find me drinking cold brew, watching k-dramas, crying to Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers, and talking to my plants!

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